Oh boy. Today is your lucky day! Because today is the day you get to see "Tolstoy looks up Anna Karenina on Goodreads."


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Dying!! I had the exact same response, misread of the new Pop Shelf store when it opened here a few months ago! I had to do about three takes before I realized it was Pop and not Poop! 🤣

Loved the description from the cactus grower!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Funny, we started with two Cockatiels, so I just generalized that all birds could release all of their tail feathers. Our oldest tiel was a handicapped guy whose previous owner had given him such a horrible wing clip that his wings would never grow back properly, thus one side would never be as short as the other side and he would lose his balance and fall easily. He finally stopped perching high a couple of years ago, but he lost his tail feathers quite a few times in the years we had him. He just passed last month 😭

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Don't tell my colleagues at the Museum of Osteology (and I do mean that literally-the Oklahoma City museum professional community is not that large) that I voted for "Hairy-faced floofenchops waddle CHICKEN". I promise Indiana Bones gets tons of love and social media attention. ;) (And yes, I know that yet again, I outed my vote publicly when it wasn't required. I can live with that.)

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