These are all so great!!! Omg the spooge doula! I agree that “Junk Whisperer for Grey-Pubed Slackers” is equally incredible!! I’m Gen-X too 🥰

I have a dog named Pinot, but my daughter and I sometimes call her “Peener” which drives my youngest son insane 🤣🤣🤣

I’m definitely putting Barry back on my list! A friend told me to watch it years ago, and I think I watched the first couple of episodes and then got distracted with another show and forgot about it! So many people are talking about how great it is now, so it’s probably time to watch the rest of it!

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Some of our pet nicknames:

Cuppy the African grey parrot: Cupster, Neville Redbottom (for his red tail feathers), greyby (grey baby), grumpus, grenemy (grey enemy), demon

Yoshi the budgie: Yosher-Dosher, Scroogles/Scroogly (when his feathers are coming in), Bopey (dopey bird)

Athena the sun conure: Teenie Beanie, Theenie, mango, lemon

Jake the budgie: Bratticus Finch

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