Yes yes yes to all of this!!!

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I totally get that and it makes sense! I’m definitely using some of your pointers and ideas here! And I totally love that it got long! I appreciate that so much! My oldest 2 have ASD and some chores just don’t work as well. I’ve tried to assign things according to “skill” level.

I’ve told them that I can’t do everything myself, but I like that you frame it in teamwork terms. I think that sounds like a good framework that may be more effective!

I also love the assigning chores by sensory issues!! That makes so much sense! All 4 of mine have sensory issues - all different of course.

Hahahaha the backpack finds!!! I get that so much!

Wow - seriously thank you for the long response!

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Omg I love “snack holes!” My youngest came out from school on Thursday explaining how a banana exploded in his coat pocket 🤣🙄

And I can’t believe I’ve never thought of “poop doody!!” (How do you get your kids to help clean cages?!?! LOL! I’m going to make them help me next time!)

I had a “mommy blog” that I thought I so cleverly titled “The Poopy Patrol,” but every time I try to search for it there are a lot of companies for dog poop named similar! (I quit writing there back in 2012 I think? And will remember a post and go searching.

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