So many thoughts here, some funny and some less so. First, I totally agree that we do not know yet what effect COVID is going to have in the years to come-and I try not to overthink that since I had it last June and it was relatively mild. (And on that note, I hope it stays that way for your house too.) Secondly, I too am about fed up with social media and have challenged myself to a 60-day FB detox, complicated by the fact that I have to post to my work account almost daily. I'm hoping this will lead to more meaningful engagement with family/friend and more productivity at home, at work, and in my own personal writing-though even reading that makes me roll my eyes at myself. I am keeping Insta and letting in publish the photos. We shall see how this goes.

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I hope your FB challenge goes well. I hate that social media is so enmeshed in organizations in ways that keep us chained to it. I quit FB in 2020 and whenever I log back in (rarely, to use Marketplace), I find it jarringly awful. I do miss friends I've lost touch with since leaving FB; one passed away this fall and I felt terrible for not at least reaching out to message with her like we used to. But that's a human issue, not a social media issue.

Please don't roll your eyes at yourself about your personal writing. It matters. I promise. xo

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