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Longbottoming is a great word! Years ago my friend and I came up with a phrase to indicate the opposite, Rider Strong Syndrome. I feel like we were way too old to be watching that much Boy Meets World.

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Do people still comment "First?"

Anyway, I haven't burned my Harry Potter books, and when Babbycwabs gets old enough I'll probably introduce him to them, on account of them being part of the cultural zeitgeist and all, because while there's plenty of heroes journeys for a growing kid to choose from, there aren't a lot that have distinct message of "people who believe in genetic / hereditary power are wrong, and also assholes" something that gets lost in the greater Star Wars Universe. BUT I also recognize that JK Rowling is a garbage person and won't be making choices that contribute further to her wealth.

Maybe by the time he's got kids of his own she'll be dead and we can treat her like Roald Dahl.

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